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The Purpurite Portal Pendant (.925 Silver) - The Purpurite Stone you will find as the centerpiece has been hand-selected for its quality, shine, and color. Wear this pendant during study and spell work. As stated within previous writings by G Ibis, “Ranging from colors of brownish black, to purple, violet, and dark red, Purpurite provides a uniquely stunning range of presentations. Purpurite was discovered in North Carolina around 1905 and provides a completely natural purple color. Considered to be a very rare stone, Purpurite is only used for specific pieces of jewelry and ornamental items due to how delicate some of the pieces found can be. Commonly known as the “Stone of Freedom”, Purpurite provides feelings of liberation and instills an increased sense of intuition. A true purveyor of revitalized inspiration, Purpurite helps us to break through creative blocks and barriers, pushing us through to new experiences in creative endeavors. Within all of us there is a flame of creativity that needs to be maintained and fueled consistently in order for us to live with new and fresh ways of thinking and interpreting. Purpurite is the true facilitator in tending to this flame. When working with Purpurite, you will find yourself experiencing feelings of love and bliss, pushing your mind and heart to open and flourish during ritual work and meditation. Through these wonderful attributes, we can turn our mundane tasks into something that serves a higher purpose and provides more than subtle feedback but rather manifests through new ideas, inspiration, joy, and a sense of power and truth.” This stone was specifically chosen for this collection for its powerful ability to enhance our intuitive “receptors”, allowing us to receive more information through our magickal practices. Elemental Association: Wind, Earth. Chakra Association: Crown (7th), Third Eye (6th).
Approx size: 2" W x 1.25" H
Colors and inclusions vary from piece to piece.
Chain sold separatley
1 Pendant per order
Sku PURP266 

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