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Found near the “healing waters” of Lake Onega, Shungite is said to have been formed nearly 2 billion years ago, within the Karelia Republic of Russia. The specific type of Shungite used within this pendant is Elite Shungite, known for its vibrant shiny silver surface, and for consisting of more than 90 percent Carbon. You may find small imperfections within this stone, for the ability to carve and shape the Elite Shungite is extremely difficult and can only be accomplished by the finest of craftsman. One of the many attributes of Shungite that we find overwhelmingly beneficial, is its ability to connect the ungrounded aura with the Earth, bringing any scattered energies into harmony and creating a space where thoughts are well put together and well received by others. This can become a wonderful tool to rely upon while writing, painting, drawing, or creating and crafting. Most commonly known for its ability to provide waves of clearing to the energetic body, Shungite has long been revered as the most capable stone in meditation and within acts of purification. This correspondence provides us with the ability to think more positive thoughts, feel more positive emotions, and perceive the world around us in a kinder and softer tone. In a world of seeming chaos and cluster, Shungite forces us to slow our thought process down to a digestible level of understanding and clarity. To accompany this Elite Shungite, we have chosen to include Black Spinel into the bale of this pendant to revitalize the senses, provide inspiration, and foster new hope for the future. As you wear this Witch’s Talisman, step into your challenges with a sense of confidence and positivity, knowing that you are blessed, you are chosen, and you are in communion with the magickal forces that are here to accompany you on your path.
The pendant is the only item included in this order. 
0.925 Silver
Chain sold separately. 

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