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Healing can be a lifelong journey, especially for those who have experienced a substantial amount of trauma or loss in their past. It is only through the acceptance of this shadowy part of ourselves that we are able to start working higher, more potent forms of Magick, where we call upon our pain and lunge into the deep swells of emotion available to us. We have created this special Healing Spell Kit for you to take the first steps. Through the act of self-love and intention setting, we begin the journey towards Healing and severing ties with those things that no longer serve our greatest good.

The magickal items in this spell kit are as follows: 

Blue “Healing” Hand-Rolled Beeswax Spell Candle - The oils of Lavender & Green Tea have been included in the process of rolling this powerful spell candle. As the flame dances before you, take your time to release all negative energy, emotions, and thoughts. Now is a time to focus on your personal path of growth and address your concerns with any aspects of your shadow.

“Healing Light” Magickal Anointing Oil - Included within this blend is Lavender, Blue Lotus, and Lemon Balm herbs. In addition, the oils of Lemongrass, Green Tea, Sage, and Spearmint have been included. Accompanying a Quartz Crystal are a few drops of our “Brilliant Blessings” Oil, from our personal cabinet of witchery. (Created for external/ritual use only)

“Soul Healer” Sacred Salt (Glass Bottle) - We are thrilled to offer this beautifully potent healing blend of our Soul Healer sacred salt. Within this blend are the oils of Lavender, Lemongrass, and Rose. In addition, the herbs of Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, and Lemon Balm have been included. For this special blend, we have included Pink Himalayan Salt for its powerful healing properties.

Amethyst Crystal - This stone opens and clears the Third Eye Crown Chakra, which in turn accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities. Use the Amethyst’s energy in your ritual to carry you into deep meditation, allowing your mind to become open and clear.

Eucalyptus Ritual Incense Sticks - We love to use this scent as a tool to spiritually open ourselves to accepting blessings. Light this incense while you soak in your ritual bath or during your meditation to unlock the potential transformation and fulfillment in the year to come. Enjoy the sweet, fresh aroma.

Healing Sigil Artwork - This Sigil has been working within our rituals for many, many years. Place it upon your altar or meditate upon it during your healing rituals. Created by G Ibis.

It is our purest intention that you are able to use these items to release anxieties and fear, and start the process of healing. May the Goddess be with you during this time and through the month’s transformation ahead.

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