The Lucky Lotus Pendant



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.925 Silver

Chain sold separately. 

Chosen to act as an Earth Guide, the Lucky Lotus Pendant portrays symbols that resonate deeply with inner comfort, grounding, and nourishment. The Lotus has been delicately carved out of the Tague Nut, which is represented as the Sacred Nut of Life. In many indigenous South American cultures, the Tagua Nut is considered to be a symbol of our life cycle. Due to the spherical shape, the Tagua Nut portrays the essence of birth, death, and rebirth. As a gift from the Great Mother, the Tagua Nut provides a direct connection with the abundant powers of nature. A nature where all things exist in harmony and hold spiritual significance. The Tagua Nut can be worn to bring balance and inner peace to the wearer, as well as attract prosperity and abundance. In addition, it allows for our intuition to grow, enhancing our ability to communicate with our guides. The symbol of the Lotus holds several meanings, with most associated around purity, as the Lotus grows without blemish from the murky and muddy soil. The process from which it is born holds such deep meaning in our lives as we work to overcome adversity, and are reborn through the cycles of life. As you gaze upon this symbol, allow its positive characteristics to draw you towards a state of comfort and understanding. A place where you find inspiration in the daily push towards growth. Hanging below this Lotus, hangs a Clear Quartz Crystal. This beautiful crystal is one of the most programmable, and can carry your heart’s desire within its crystalline form. Clear Quartz brings a sense of clarity during times of confusion or anxiety. It can be helpful to work with this crystal when your emotions and thoughts are overly stimulated, assisting you towards finding calm and collected perspective. The White Topaz that can be found within the bale of this pendant increases the speed of your vibrational energy, bringing you closer to higher planes of existence. It is within these planes where we find new ideas and constructs that align with our true purpose and path. The Lucky Lotus Pendant was crafted to enhance every positive aspect of the energy you choose to create. A magnet to draw the essence of luck into your life. May you find a companion in this pendant and carry it with you on life’s most ardent adventures.
Please know that each pendant is unique and handcrafted. 

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