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The Mystic Heart Pendant w/ Rose Quartz, Garnet, and White Topaz (.925 Silver) 
This exclusive pendant is a representation of the symbolic Mystic Heart, holding the power to connect you with the spiritual world, beyond what the eyes can physically see. The main stone of this pendant is Rose Quartz, the quintessential stone of deep love. The Romans, along with the Assyrians were some of the first to be known to use Rose Quartz in sacred and regal jewelry, dating back to around 600-900 BC. Revered as sacred talismans, pieces of Rose Quartz have been found within the histories of the Ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations, representing a seal of ownership. The Ancient Egyptians even relied upon the Rose Quartz to prevent old age from arriving too early in life. Later, during the Middle Ages, practitioners considered the Rose Quartz to hold healing and emotionally balancing powers, bringing a sense of calm and tranquility to the bearer. During modern times, Rose Quartz is still considered to be the most powerful and necessary stone to work with by magical practitioners and energy workers. Known as the “Stone of Love”, this universally admired crystal enhances the love that we have for ourselves, for others, for life, and for the Earth that surrounds us. This gentle, yet wondrous stone reminds us of the Divine energies that run through every fabric of our existence. As you work with Rose Quartz, you will begin to recognize the harmonious balance you find within your dealings and relationships, reawakening your trust for humankind. The Rose Quartz within this pendant has been hand-picked for its quality and grade. Within the attached centerpiece of this pendant, you will find Garnet, known for its unique ability to purify the life-force and enhance connections with inner guides and guardian angels. Also, a stone of manifestation, Garnet carries our intentions into the physical world, allowing us to dive deeper into our visualizations of prosperity, health, and magic. Lastly, you will find White Topaz fixed to the bale of this piece, included to enhance and build upon the qualities of Rose Quartz. White Topaz is known to assist the bearer in strengthening their ability to hold focus. The wonderful attribute of this stone allows us to keep our intentions at the forefront of our thoughts in a world of countless distractions.
Chain sold separately.
Colors and crystal inclusions may differ from the picture provided in this listing.
Approx size: 1.25" (w/o bale)

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