(Vault Exclusive) The Witches Moon® Hand-Crafted Shell Wand w/ Quartz Point



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Exclusive & Limited!

(2019 Vault Exclusive) The Witches Moon® Hand-Crafted Shell Wand w/ Quartz Point

"This beautifully elegant wand was inspired by the true mystical power brought upon the shore as a sacred offering and gift from the Divine. “Born of Earth & Water, shells are treasures from an invisible world. They occupy a Sacred Space between shore & tide, revealed by the ebbing & glowing influence of the Moon. The powerful receptive energies imbued in shells help to draw in all good things, emanating transformative healing energies & serving as communicative messengers to our elemental guardians & earthly ancestors. When meditating, the shell paired with the Quartz Crystal acts as a protective barrier to would-be invasive energies, helping to repair damage to the Aura.” During meditation, place this Shell Wand over energy centers of the body to realign or balance discordant vibrations. Along with these energies, the Spiral formation brings great significance into our space. A symbol of Spiritual Development and Rebirth, this ancient form has shared wisdom over the Ages. As the cycles shown in this Spiral continue to form, they bring assurance that our Journey continues to grow and change. As we work towards breaking through barriers in our Personal, Professional, Spiritual and Emotional growth, we remember that it is necessary to move forward, as this is the natural order. As you work with this blessed tool, we send you energies of Renewal & Healing, so that you may become one with your most pure and powerful self."
1 per order.
Approx size: L 7" x W 2.5"
Shell is shipped within custom padded box.
Shape and size of Shell Wand, including shape of Quartz Crystal, may vary. 

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