Yellow Brucite & White Topaz Pendant (.925 Silver)



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Yellow Brucite & White Topaz Pendant (.925 Silver) - Brucite is often found in association with Serpentine, Calcite, and Aragonite. Generally, Brucite can be found in a variety of countries, including but not limited to, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, and the Czech Republic. This specific Yellow Brucite is a unique specimen, originating from Pakistan. The yellow color you will find within the Brucite of this pendant is considered unique as it is most common that Brucite is found in blue, green, grey, red, white, or pink. First described in 1824 by Francois Beudant, Brucite was named after the discoverer and early American mineralogist, Archibald Bruce. Although the vibrations of this bright stone resonate with all Chakra centers in the body, it most intensely resonates with the Throat Chakra, allowing us to improve our ability to communicate. As we are able to better share our ideas or thoughts with others, our self-confidence improves and brings our sense of importance to higher levels. Brucite contains the wonderful ability to not only improve our communication with others, but rather bolsters the conversations we have with ourselves. Brucite breaks away negative thought patterns and allows us to better communicate truth to our psyche. This drastically helps us to become more “real” with ourselves and brings a new sense of understanding to our natural judgements of ourselves and others. Furthermore, Brucite is a companion during times of seeming chaos, helping us to stay calm, level-headed, and intuitive. These qualities provide us with a true sense of power and control and can lead to better decision-making skills. In addition to these metaphysical benefits, Brucite carries a variety of healing qualities that can aid with pain relief, the treating of headaches, and can undoubtedly enhance the body’s resilience and immunity. As you wear this brilliant piece of Brucite, give yourself permission to feel completely empowered by its energies. You will find White Topaz, or “Colorless Topaz”, delicately included into the bale of this pendant to enhance and build upon the qualities of Yellow Brucite. White Topaz is known to assist the bearer in strengthening their ability to hold focus. The wonderful attribute of this stone allows us to keep our intentions at the forefront of our thoughts in a world of countless distractions. During times of uncertainty or fear, rely on this Yellow Brucite & White Topaz to bring a sense of peace and to empower your spirit, so that you may confidently step forward. Celestial Association: Sun. Elemental Association: All.
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