The July "Protection & Banishment" Moon Box Theme

Posted on June 25 2017

The July

Protection Magick has been used for thousands of years, whether preparing for battle or safeguarding the soul against energy vampires. We know just how important it is to carry protection with you at all times. Anywhere we travel, our aura is being bombarded with negativity, deception and intrusion. As we walk the path of purpose, we are confident in knowing that we are protected and more powerful than the energies that attempt to take over. 

In the month of July, we focus on protecting oneself & banishing negativity out of our circle. Protection Magick can be performed daily, safeguarding your Family, Inner Circle, Business and people afar. We do not take this lightly. We have used the tools in this box for many years and have the utmost conviction when walking the battleground of life, knowing that we are protected and watched over. These tools can be so customized to your personal journey, protecting oneself from temptation and banishing bad luck.

We ask that you join us this month as we delve into the overwhelming possibilities within Protection Magick. Be confident in knowing that your step forward is true and unstoppable. 

Blessed Be,

The Moon Box


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