The March Storm Moon - Energy & Activation

Posted on February 18 2017

The March Storm Moon - Energy & Activation

As we shift into the energies of March, we reawaken dormant energies from the winter, activating the powers that are within and without. When we “shake off” the stagnancy of previous months, we delve into the fresh waters of renewed energy. With new energy absorbed into our lives, we are allowing, again, the flow of passion to ignite our views and ambitions. As we do these things we strongly attract our deepest goals and desires, giving us a very clear sense of purpose and determination.

After the Winter’s Rest, the inner flame of life is ready and eager to be reignited once again. A strong sense of creativity cultivates new ideas and inspires us to find new ways to make our dreams our realities. This month we work with energy tools. Tools and ideas that that have been passed down from our ancestors and reveled as “The connecters to the divine”.

March is our month to live fully, basking in the energy of life with the passion of love inside of us. Join us on our journey to connect with the divine energies.

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