The May "Enchanted" Moon Box Theme

Posted on April 24 2017

The May

Love, Self-Love and Pleasure surround the energies of May. We focus on bringing two souls closer together or by connecting with one’s own soul, nourishing and projecting beauty. Love is a very sacred subject and a very powerful energy when working to enhance your magickal practice. Attracting Love into your life or simply working with loving yourself can be one of the most powerful and necessary practices to habitually include into your routine. As we love, we form confidence in ourselves and our surroundings making our intentions in Magick much more potent. Open yourself up to the potential in life, using love and enchantment to bring about new relationships and strengthening the bond you have with your inner self.

We work with enchanting objects, attraction and beauty this month as we work towards a more fulfilling experience. How far are you willing to open yourself up to love? Join us on our journey to explore the limitless.

Blessed Be,

The Moon Box

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