The November "Divination" Box Theme

Posted on October 22 2017

The November

We are fascinated with breaking the barriers between our spirits and the divine guides. We make divination a daily ritual to receive answers and guidance through the use of the most ancient tools available to us. Using symbols, energies and synchronicities, we emerge ourselves in the beauty of realization. As we are traveling on our journey through the dark half of the year, we focus November on the beautiful natural art of Divination. Wether you need answers or clarification, guidance or feedback, the divine wisdom can give you peace of mind and determination to take action, day after day. 

This very natural art is a necessity while working to thrive in the uncertain world around us. Join us as we delve into the ritual work of Divination. Open yourself up to receive inspiration. Open yourself up to be surprised and self-realized. 

Blessed Be,

The Moon Box

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