The September "Equinox - Purge & Prepare" Box Theme

Posted on August 15 2017

The September

We feel the changes deep within our bones. The everlasting connection to the Universe around us, expressing the need to let go of those things that no longer serve us. To harmonize and balance ourselves in every way. To prepare for the coming winter as the dark half of the year hides behind the shadows of the Oak Tree.

The Equinox is upon us, reminding us in every way to re-center, re-evaluate and release. What are those things that no longer serve us that we refuse to let go of? Why does it continue to tighten its grip around the beautiful potential that we have cultivating in our souls? As we work now to release our spiritual burdens and focus on balance, we begin to prepare for the successful remaining months. We have spent many moons curating the special items in this box, meditating and enchanting. Our intentions are pure. Our convictions are strong.

We ask that you join us on our journey as we Purge & Prepare for this coming Equinox. Experience The Moon Box like never before. 

So Mote It Be

The Moon Box

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  • Aurora: May 17, 2018

    I just received my box. Thank you I love everything in it! Just sad the Flidais oil leaked, but you packed it well enough that it didn’t go everywhere.

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