The Wild Moon - Healing

Posted on January 26 2017

The Wild Moon - Healing


As we transition into February we absorb the energies of Healing and Purification. Meditations and Spells this month will prepare you for Initiation, encourage Healing, New Growth and foster a physical and financial well-being. Healing correlates to the physical body but also resembles the healing of the emotional and spiritual entities within. As we heal, we let go of all unwanted energies, catapulting our minds and bodies to a high vibrational surrounding, allowing us to receive the gifts given from the Universe. These gifts include Inner Peace, Happiness, Self-Acceptance and Love.
This is also the time of year to celebrate Imbolc. We take valuable time to meditate, clean and declutter. A clean and organized environment promotes magic and helps you achieve a clearer understanding of your path. This space allows us to receive goodness into our lives as the new seeds take root for the coming spring.
The Moon Box February Theme is Healing. We are over the moon about the contents we have hand-made and hand-picked for this box. We hope to share our passion for the craft with you.
Blessed Be,
The Moon Box

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