The Witches Moon® - A Walk Between Worlds - October 19'

Posted on September 24 2019

The Witches Moon® - A Walk Between Worlds - October 19'
The transition into the month of October and Samhain signifies the most powerful time of Revelation and Spiritual Guidance. As the veil thins, we begin to truly connect with other Worlds on a sensory plane of communication, allowing us to understand Messages, Visions, and Signs in stark Clarity. As we focus on the art of Divination, peering past our reflection and into the Spirit Realm, we take the opportunity to speak clearly with our Guides and Ancestors. This much anticipated collection holds items that we have created for this specific time of year, exclusively for our Subscribers. We are truly honored and thrilled to assist you during your Rituals this season, as we take seriously the walk between worlds.


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