The Witches Moon™ - Align & Activate - July 2018

Posted on June 18 2018

The Witches Moon™ - Align & Activate - July 2018

We work to revolve our world around the beauty that is instilled in silence, meditation and ritual. These sacred moments allow us to align our Chakras, activating our Intuition and creativity. If just for a moment we can replace our thoughts with vibrations, our insecurities with acceptance and our doubt with an overwhelming feeling of power and control, we can be one with ourselves and the energy of the Universe that surrounds us. It is one thing to speak the word, but another to encompass it. As practicing Witches, we become deeply in-tune with ourselves, giving strength to our Intentions and conviction to our manifestations. Join us this Sacred Month of July as we work with the power of Aligning and Activating.


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