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For almost 16 months, this Kali has been brewing within our cauldron of creation. We are finally thrilled to be able to introduce her to your sacred space, with the intention of enhancing your magick, as it has ours. Kali has held a special altar in our home for several years after being called to her through magical exploration. Almost instantly, we connected with this divine goddess and began to dive deeper into her magick and historical rituals. Although Kali is one of the most recognizable Indian/Hindu Goddesses, regardless of her South Asian origins, she is considered to be the inspiration of countless global traditions, found throughout the world in art, song, and devotion. Revered by witches, Kali is known to be one of the “Dark Goddesses” empowering the strength of feminine energy throughout many cultures. It is even said that Hekate is among her many peers. The temples of Kali span the globe, from North America, South Asia, and the deeply magical heart of Bengal. Please keep in mind that there are many, many names associated with Kali, as well as forms, depictions, and origin stories. It is very easy to find yourself swimming through a sea of information that slightly connects the dots of where Kali comes from. It is said that after the Gods were exhausted from fighting demons, led by the demon-king Mahishasura, word was carried to Vishnu, and in anger, began to tremble, shooting forth a furious light from his forehead. Shiva also heard about this threat and became filled with rage. All of the mighty Gods came together and, combining rays of blazing light to a single point, created the Devi, the wonderful Mother Goddess. Once Kali was formed, she was worshipped and given weapons by each God, generally depicted as the trident, discus, Indra, thunderbolt, and sword. Upon the blowing of conches, Kali became enormous in size, screaming a terrible laugh and destroying all of the demons that stand before her. It is said that as she was fighting Raktabija, each drop of his blood that reached the ground would sprout another demon, thus she began to drink it, to ensure that no more demons were created. The sky turned to black. Once the demons and demon-king were obliterated, Kali was intoxicated with a vast array of unbearable power, continuing to consume all that surrounded her. Only when Shiva, the 3rd God of the Hindu Trinity, positioned himself laying on the path for her to step upon, did she release what was happening. Upon gazing into Shiva’s eyes after stepping upon his chest, she was filled with shame, stretching out her blood-soaked tongue in disgust. This incredible and powerful legend comes from the Shakta Tantras, or “Chandi”. ~ The ability to understand and truly know Kali is said to be impossible, unable to be comprehended by the human mind. Only through devotion and becoming one with the Goddess (creating an inner altar that is worshipped), can the devotee begin to sense her Divinity. She is all Goddesses and Gods, the consumer of time itself, and can be found in everything. Kali is undoubtedly misunderstood, especially throughout the western world due to her imagery of death and destruction. As practitioners of Magick & Witchcraft, we resonate with these images of darkness, knowing that death and destruction are vital aspects of our craft. As you work with Kali, visualize your ego, and the material world, starting the crumble. This is a time to let go of your stubborn judgements of how the world should be. It is a time to re-capture the child-like nature of your soul, releasing the many walls that you have created to protect you along the way. Only through this deep and difficult process can you being to glimpse the ecstasy and bliss of life. It is important to know that Kali is not simply a story of old. She is a living Goddess, worshipped to this very day in her many temples through elaborate rituals and dedications. Historically, many Mystics have attained God through the worship of Kali. We have dedicated the creation of this plaque to Kali with reverence, that she may bring destruction to all that no longer serves you, and creation to the beauty of life itself. We urge you to study and read more about Kali outside of this small description of the Goddess. “May your spirit be filled with fearlessness and an ecstasy for life you have yet experience.” ~ G Ibis.

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