(Limited) The Witches Moon® ~ The Dark Mother ~ November 2023


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The figure of the Mother has always been a very personal and powerful presence in our practice, offering a source of true divinity and light in a world where very real darkness begins to cloud our ability to find beauty in our interactions with the surroundings. This results in us losing our joy and finding ourselves stuck in the same headspace, time and time again. Only when we shed our ego and become one with the purest form of the Goddess, can we begin to find ecstasy in the smallest things. In this VERY special dedicatory collection, we work with one of the most powerful images of the Dark Mother. We seek her incomprehensible knowledge, turn to her with our pain, and stand before her with open arms. These items have been created for you to connect deeper, love deeper, appreciate more, and overcome the burdens that bind you.

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