(LIMITED) The Witches Roots™ ~ The Animal Guide ~ April 2024


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"I sat staring into the landscape, feeling as if the world rested upon my shoulders. Attempting to block out the noise of inner anxiety and fear, I began to breath intentionally enough for a moment of meditation to wash over me. Slowly, I could start to hear the chirping of nearby birds. Up above, a crow swooped through the clouds as if descending from the sanctuary of heaven. I exhaled darkness, and inhaled the divine. As I looked down at my feet, a white feather gently appeared. This, a single feather, filled my soul with a bounty of comfort I so eagerly needed, and reassured me that my guides were nearby, watching with subtle care..." ~ In this unique and charming collection, we work with our animal guides, learning how to be open to their influence, seeking their signs, and calling upon their aid. "May the ancient wisdom of our animal guides find us when we need them most."

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