The Witches Moon® ~ The Healing Arts of Hygieia ~ May 2024 (Limited)


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After many years of carrying the world upon their shoulders, they come to the mouth of that dark cave. Peering through the darkness, there is a sense of peace. A feeling of gentle comfort that offers rest and reconciliation. They know that the time has come to heal the wounds that have brought turmoil and terror into their lives. Upon entering this cave, the world disappears. There is only the here and now. The silent and surprisingly serene comfort of this space seeps into every cell of their tired body. As they kneel, they begin to sing the Hymn to Hygieia...” ~ It is our intention that these uniquely crafted and curated items bring the power of healing and recovery to the practitioner. May the Healing Arts of Hygieia find a place within your rituals. May her gentle touch ripple and direct your power to all that is beautiful and good.

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