Abalone Shell & Palo Santo Kit

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This kit includes the following items:

  1. Palo Santo x 3 (Bursera graveolens) - Palo Santo, translated from the Spanish words “Holy Stick” comes from a wild tree commonly found within the Yucatan Peninsula, Venezuela, and Peru. Originally discovered by Spanish monks, this holy wood was later also referred to as “the wood of the saints”. In accordance with local customs in South America, Palo Santo is used to combat “mala energy”, or “bad energy”, and in exchange, good energy is provided. Even within the time of the Incas, the oil of Palo Santo was used for spiritual purification, promoting a sense of relaxation and contentment. It is said that the spirit of this tree lives within the wood long after it has fallen. Palo Santo is never cut down, but rather collected after the natural death of the tree. The list of benefits for this aromatic wood can go on and on, with the following being some of the most apparent: uplifts the mood and increases vibrational frequency, grounds the internal body, brings chakras into alignment, relieves anxieties and patterns of worry, revitalizes the energy field, and increases vitality, stamina, and concentration. Just as the Shamans of Amazonia, we turn to the great purifying qualities of Palo Santo to provide relief from everyday worry so that we are able to focus completely on the task that stands before us. Celestial Associations: Moon, Mercury. Elemental Association: Water. (External Use Only)

  2. Abalone Shell - As stated within the Abalone Shell Book of Shadows Reference Page, “Long used as sustenance, tool, trade & design, the Abalone Shell enjoys worldwide assimilation, some ancient deposits found dating back 100,000 years. Many cultures have embraced the Abalone as an ancient symbol of creation.” Known as a “Bio- Crystal”, Abalone Shell is made from biological organisms rather than being formed from earthly minerals. These beautiful shells are made from nacre, also known as “Mother of Pearl”, and have been used in the creation of ritual tools and jewelry for thousands of years. Abalone represents the healing expression of Ocean energies and provides overwhelming feelings of peace, comfort, and calmness. This Abalone Shell has been placed within this collection for you to rest your Palo Santo when not in use. Celestial Association: Venus, Neptune. Elemental Association: Water.

  3. Hand-Carved Wooden Stand - This wooden stand has been created for you to place your Abalone Shell. Gently open the stand and allow it to sit where it feels most comfortable.

  4. Abalone Shell Book of Shadows Reference Page - Written & Illustrated by A.E. Alden, this beautiful Abalone Shell reference artwork holds wonderful information regarding the magical properties and importance of this sacred shell. Place within your Book of Shadows for future reference. Do not make copies. Not for resale.

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