Handcrafted 3-Stone Corn Dolly (The Witches Moon® Exclusive)



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Each husk has been prepared separately and placed together with care and intention. In addition, a custom base has been created for you to display your Corn Dolly year-round if you wish! As stated within our Corn Dolly Book of Shadows Artwork, “The Corn Dolly represents the “Spirit of the Harvest”. In general, ‘corn’ refers to both the American maize and European cereal crops, colloquially called, ‘corn’, whether wheat, barley, etc. So Corn Dollies can be made from the last remnants of any crop - historically from the last sheaf harvested. Typically, harvested materials were tied or plaited into a human-like form. Having lost its home, the Dolly then lived with the residents of the land who accommodated the Spirit with a place of honor during harvest banquets. Throughout the winter, the Dolly was displayed in the heart of the home near the hearth. Sometimes the Dollies were petitioned to dispel heavy energies in the home or ward off nightmares; they were often believed to be magical charms, incorporated in specific domestic customs or rites to protect the home and residents, livestock, and the land, and to provide auspicious opportunities and overall good health. In general, the Corn Dolly is meant to serve as a reminder to practice gratitude for what we have and to give grace to ourselves or to others for efforts fulfilled or progress.” As you display your Corn Dolly, take the time to connect with its meaning and representation, determining how it resonates in your personal realm. We view the Corn Dolly as the embodiment of our work with nature over the course of the past several months. As the Sun begins to dwindle, with beautiful darkness stepping in, we can look back on our un-ending efforts and labors and see the fruit that has sprung forth. This is a simple, yet profound reminder that everything we do has an effect on the world around us. It is vital that this communion is celebrated and not forgotten. It can be easy to pass through the seasons without taking notice. With mountains of distractions all around us, we rely on our craft, and the craft of our ancestors, to stabilize and center our focus. Gratitude for the blessings provided to us through consistent effort is a well needed practice and should be a part of every magickal persons seasonal workings. Found around the waist of your Corn Dolly are the following stones, including the following intentions:

  1. Smokey Quartz - A wonderful grounding stone, Smokey Quartz promote a sense of “here and now” within the physical body. Smokey Quartz provides protection against harmful and negative energies. This beautiful stone is known for its ability to absorb and transmute these energies back into the Earth. Allow this Smokey Quartz to bring clearing to your home so that you may focus on your craft without energetic interruption. Element: Earth. Chakra: Root.

  2. Carnelian - The stone of vitality and fire, Carnelian reinforces our personal will and provides us with a deep sense of courage and purpose. Carnelian inspires us to action, even in the face of fear and anxiety around the unknown. Element: Fire. Chakra: 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

  3. Citrine - This stone is among our favorites, for its ability to solidify manifestation, strengthen personal will, and support creativity. As we walk into the darkness of the following months, allow these energies to bring new inspiration and vibrant imagination to your practice. Element: Fire. Chakras: 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

    We truly hope that this Corn Dolly brings you as much joy as it did us in creating them. May your Harvest be accompanied by friends, family, and overwhelming gratitude.

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