Large Black Yule Goat (Handmade)



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The Yule Goat is most commonly recognized as a Yule symbol and amulet within the Scandinavian and Northern European traditions. You may have caught a glimpse of this familiar symbol, placed on the altars, fireplaces, and trees of practicing pagans and witches. The story is told that the Norse god Thor would ride his chariot through the clouded skies, drawn by two goats, or Tanngrisnir. In Sweden, people regard the Yule Goat as a spirit that would appear before the Winter Solstice to ensure celebratory preparations were completed correctly. Also called the Julbock, the Yule Goat has often been depicted as the messenger of presents and gifts during the winter months. This very special Yule Goat has been handmade specifically for the subscribers of The Witches Moon, for this very season. Delicately made with straw, twine, and ribbon, this festive Yule Goat can be placed on your altar or near the hearth to bring a sense of joyful energy to your sacred space at this time.

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