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“As a Mother Goddess, Yemaya is fiercely protective of all of her children, the fortunate and the disenfranchised. She cares deeply for all people, providing comfort during times of intense sorrow or hardship. She oversees the practice of Grace, Love and Forgiveness; health; healing; and Ancient Wisdom. The African Diaspora, directly resulting from the violent Trans-Atlantic slave trade, transformed the Yoruban Yemaya into a highly syncretized “Mother of All”. She is a constant Champion, working tirelessly to inspire us to be our best selves. Regal and distinguished, the elegance of Yemaya resides in her non-judgmental, compassionate nature.” With such deep respect and admiration, this ‘Yemaya’ Magickal Anointing Oil has been created with a full and vibrant Heart. Allow these energies to emotionally charge you with the beauty of Love and Compassion. We recommend anointing your skin, candles or jewelry with this oil so that you may become more in-tune with the energies of Yemaya. We find comfort in knowing that this oil acts as a magnet to those things that we desperately need to enhance our lives and our practice. We have enchanted this Magickal Oil with Avocado, Lavender and Rosemary Oils and have included Papaya, Ground Sage and Spearmint as well. Inside your oil you will find a Lemurian Quartz, said to personify oneness into your aura. We have also included in this blend a special mixture of our ‘Song of the Sea’ Magickal Oil from our Personal Cabinet of Witchery. (Be careful when applying to skin. The base of this oil is Sunflower Oil. Some might be more sensitive than others when in contact with skin. External Use Only)

15 ML Bottle

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External Use Only

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