The Dark Night Of Our Souls - YULE

Posted on December 22 2016

The Dark Night Of Our Souls - YULE

Yule is such a beautiful turning point in the year. This celebration is so personal to us, as we completely embody the term “Rebirth”. Mediocracy is something that we have never been ok with. We believe that there is purpose behind every interaction, every action and every intent. We know that not one person is perfect. In this sense, it is important that we focus on shedding our weaknesses and exposing our vulnerable selves to learning and growing. Only by this practice can we succeed in being one with ourselves, the universe and our surroundings. Use this time to write down your goals and visualize yourself achieving them. Do not wait. Time is more precious than we could have ever imagine. Unfortunately, most times, this is found out too late.

We wanted to share with you a brief history and meaning behind this iconic holiday.

The original “suggested” word “Yule” comes from the Old English word, geola and the Ancient Norse word Jol. It is considered a Pagan festival, celebrated at the Winter Solstice. Yule was generally represented by the symbol of a wheel, resembling the year turning like a wheel or “The Great Wheel of the Zodiac”. The spokes on this wheel resemble the festivals of the year which include the Solstices and Equinoxes. This Winter Solstice or “Rebirth of the Sun” is the turning point in the year that marks the shortest day of the year (The longest night and shortest day). During Yule, the Goddess becomes the Great Mother and gives birth to the new Sun King. We refer to this time as “The Dark Night of our Souls”.

In ancient times, the ritual performed during Yule was used to bring forth good fortune in the year to come. The ashes from the Yule Log were used to purify water or even used to make charms that would bring good fortune, wealth and bountiful crops during spring. During Yule, we bring back the light and warmth into our surroundings.

The Yule Ritual goes as follows:

 1. Receive a large Oak (or Pine) Log that is given to you as a gift or farmed from the earth after giving an offering. It has always been said that it is unlucky to buy or trade anything for the Yule Log.

2. Decorate your Yule Log with Evergreens and Herbs that correlate with the energy that connects.

3. Once you have started this ritual, it is important that you keep a brand from the log so that you are able to kindle it at dusk the following year.

4. Place White, Black and Red candles on your log, prepare a chalice of wine and have a piece of aged parchment for each person that is included in the ceremony.

5. Place the Yule Log in your Fireplace and adorn it with Evergreens, Pine, Rosemary, Bay or Juniper. Use these Evergreens to cast your circle as well.

6. Each person should meditate on the following year, writing down their goals and ambitions. These can then be attached to the Yule Log.

7. Light your candles, bear your soul to the Goddess and conduct your ritual. There are several versions and languages in which this is conducted. Do your research and find what works best for you.

We send you Love & Light during this Sacred time of year. May your dreams and aspirations be delivered to you in return for your dedication and intent.

Blessed Be,

The Moon Box


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