The June "Spirit Guide" Moon Box Theme

Posted on May 24 2017

The June

This June is an important tie in the developmental year of 2017. We look back on our accomplishments and shortcomings, taking the time to reflect and come to peace with the decisions we have made, new relationships that we have fostered and goals that we have reached. We are at the half way mark of this year's journey. Do not take this lightly! Now is the time to truly raise your consciousness and spearhead action for results, with the help of our Spirit Guides. Now i the time to reconnect with our ancestors and receive guidance from the spirits that are attached to our journey. 

Using the Honey Moon energy, we take a journey close to ur soul to find the answers to life's most difficult questions. The tools in this box will help us connect to the spirits that are banded to us on our path, using spells to enhance communication. We open our minds and spirits to receive signs and messages from the energies that are here to protect us and guide us. We work to foster these beautiful relationships. Join us as we connect with those energies that are so sacredly committed to our journey.

Blessed Be,

The Moon Box

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