Faerie Magic

Posted on October 07 2016

Faerie Magic



                                                 Faerie magic 

Faerie Magic is nature magic in which you channel the nature spirits around you to help achieve your goals. The word faerie covers a lot of nature spirits such as Undines, Sylphs, Salamanders and Gnomes. Below are some of the faerie spirits and how they can aid you in your craft.

Undines are water spirits who can help aid you in creativity and beauty.They can also help with balancing emotions and healing trauma. They are excellent to work with in intuition and clairvoyance rituals.

Salamanders are fire spirits who can help in spells for Passion, Courage and vitality.They can be a dynamic catalyst for transformation, instill great inspiration and spiritual perception.

Sylphs are called upon for verbal incantations or to clearly communicate your needs.They also help us use the power of thought, they teach us the harmony of all things and all people, and they help us in developing a more mystical attitude about life.Sylphs stimulate intuitiveness and inventiveness and awaken a greater intellect and sense of will.

Gnomes can help in prosperity or success spells.They are also known to provide assistance and gifts both usually touched by magic.

If you choose to work with these faerie spirits make sure to always offer up a gift it can be a flower, incense, Stone or whatever your heart is telling you and thank them for their aid.If you look closely and have an open mind and an open heart you will find magic everywhere and in many forms all you need to do is believe.

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