The October "Witches Veil" Box Theme

Posted on September 17 2017

The October

As the sun dies in the distance and the veil becomes thin, we embrace the sense of peace and connection with those around us, physically and spiritually. We seek the beautiful knowledge and wisdom offered by those who have passed. We embrace the ideal Crone Goddess as Beautiful, Strong and Powerful. We know that our keys of intention are more powerful and most effective during this time. Are there areas that you are confused or struggle with while performing rituals? Are there unanswered questions? This deeply sacred time of year is our opportunity for these questions to be answered and for our guides to truly manifest in a beautiful way. 

We focus on Ancestral Magick as we step through the Witches Veil. Safely and surely, let us guide you through this ancient practice and beautiful celebration of life. Allow us to take our journey with you as we explore the most anticipated theme of the year. 

Blessed Be,

The Moon Box

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